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Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

Home automation provides you control of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning appliances, roman blinds, curtains, security locks of doors and other systems by a single touch on your iphone/ipad/tablet/smart phone.

What are the benefits of an automated home?

• Makes your home smart and your life easier
• Provides you security via automated locks
• Keep an eye on your home via security cameras while away
• Enhance convenience by creating scenes
• Adds comfort by auto temperature adjustment
• Android/ iOS apps offer ease
• Saves energy saves time

Is the system easy to understand and operate?

Yes, no degree in rocket science is required to use the system.
Easy to understand apps are available to operate your wonder home effortlessly.

Are these systems affordable for the average homeowner?

Yes, it is affordable. It is true that, long-ago, automating a home was expensive. But now Shemadi converts your home into my wonder home in a cost which is cheaper than you think.

3 Common Misconceptions about Home Automation

• The biggest misconception is that it's very costly.
• Need to rewire your home
• Complicated to operate