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About Ewave

We have the pleasure to introduce our company as EWAVE, by qualified managements and engineers with a lot of understanding and experience of the business. Our aim is to provide our clients with high professional Standard and to ensure clients satisfaction at each task.

EWAVE : - Established in the year 2009 by a group of young professionals, has considerable experience and can utilize this knowledge to help you seamlessly integrate solutions within your home/office/project. From conception to completion, whether it can be a full custom install for a new build or a property undergoing renovation, Ewave can oversee the whole project.

Introduction to CCTV:

CCTV stands for closed circuit Television.

Architecture and implementation of CCTV:

Main use of CCTV is in powerful continuous surveillance system. Today's modern CCTV comes along with Digital video Recorders [DVRs], which provide recording utility of particular
event. In this internet era, latest of form of CCTV surveillance is decentralized IP based CCTV cameras attached with high powered mega pixels sensors support recording directly to network
attached storage.

Requirement Analysis of businesses:

IP Camera:

A high demand sub category in CCTV surveillance system is IP Cameras. IP cameras are quite useful for home owners and businesses to view their cameras through internet connection
available through Personal computer or 3G Cell Phones.

Places where CCTV widely used:

CCTV is widely used as a powerful surveillance tool in public places like commercial banks, casinos, airports, military base, supermarket, hypermarket, braded store, shopping mega mall, jewelry store, corporate houses, factory, plant, warehouses to name a few. Now Central Government of INDIA has come with a strict provision of CCTV Surveillance installation in leading schools of cities and colleges. State Government of Gujarat has made CCTV Surveillance installation compulsory in the Guest Houses where room of Guest houses are more than 20.

Introduction to Home Automation System:

Home Automation represents a lifestyle enhancement by integrating home systems into a unified solution. By bringing technologies together which have been traditionally controlled through individual interfaces, a home can be created which is both comfortable and intelligent.

Ewave specialize in complete home automation including lighting control, home cinema, audio visual distribution and digital surveillance .we offer tailored automation and integration solutions for architects, interior designers, developers and home owners alike.